Can Tho: Expecting a successful summer-autumn rice crop

Vụ lúa hè thu năm 2021 toàn TP Cần Thơ gieo trồng được 75.200 ha. Ảnh: Lê Hoàng Vũ.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Can Tho City, in the summer-autumn crop of 2021, farmers in the city sowed 75,200 hectares of rice, 179 hectares higher than the same period, reaching 104.1% of the plan.

In this crop, farmers in the city mainly cultivate high-quality rice varieties such as: OM 5451, OM 380, OM 18, OM 4218, Dai Thom 8… In which, OM 5451 variety accounts for 73.2 percentages. %, variety OM 380 accounts for 5.9%. Particularly, IR 50404 variety only accounts for 9.5% of the total sowing area. Currently,  summer-autumn rice 2021  is in the stage of blooming until it is green, ripe and ready to harvest.

In the summer-autumn crop 2021, in general, the water source for production is well guaranteed and farmers also increase the application of technical advances to production to reduce production costs and improve product quality and selling price. .

Mr. Pham Thanh Van, in Tan Thanh commune, Thoi Lai district, due to early seeding of the summer-autumn rice variety IR 50404, this time has entered the harvest. Mr. Van said that the family had just harvested and sold fresh rice at the field for 5,800 VND/kg, 400-600 VND/kg higher than the same period last year. After deducting all expenses, profit is from 2.5 to 2.7 million VND/work.

According to many farmers, the summer-autumn rice crop in 2021 will increase production costs by at least 200,000-300,000 VND/worker compared to previous rice crops. Meanwhile, many rice teas are also affected by pests and erratic weather. Rain and wind also make rice prone to fall and loss during harvest.

Đẩy nhanh việc thu hoạch bằng máy để lúa tránh bị đổ ngã do mưa. Ảnh: Lê Hoàng Vũ.

Currently, many traders and businesses continue to go to people’s homes to deposit deposits at the rate of 500,000 VND/person. Agreement to purchase fresh rice from farmers at harvest time with prices from 5,700-5,900 VND/kg for IR 50404 and many other high quality OM rice varieties with prices over 6,000 VND/kg.

This price is at least 400-500 VND/kg higher than the same period last year. Particularly, households who have taken a deposit to agree to sell fresh rice are priced at up to 6,000-6,200 VND/kg, even higher. Mr. Le Van Liet, a rice trader in Thoi Lai district said:   In general, the output is still favorable and the price is still high compared to the same period many years ago.

Mr. Tran Thai Nghiem, Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Can Tho City said: Currently, summer-autumn rice tea in Can Tho city is in the flowering stage and the seeds will be harvested in mid-June. To ensure the success of this year’s summer-autumn rice crop, the agricultural industry recommends that farmers take better care of rice. This stage will determine the yield at the end of the crop, and at the same time, apply a balanced fertilizer to avoid excess nitrogen. It is recommended that farmers and cooperatives link with businesses to ensure better output.