Adhere to the ‘4 right’ in fertilizer use for a bountiful crop

Fertilizer is an indispensable product in agricultural production. However, farmers often abuse fertilizers a lot and do not know how to use them effectively.

At present, many farmers still use fertilizers in the way that they fertilize them, consider all fertilizers the same, so they often use a lot of nitrogen fertilizer and apply it for a long time, so it is both wasteful and unsatisfactory. demand of the tree, increasing the number of pests and diseases, increasing costs. On the contrary, the productivity is reduced, so the economic efficiency is low and the environment is polluted.

Hiện nay còn nhiều nông dân thường lạm dụng phân bón cũng như chưa nắm rõ sử dụng sao cho hiệu quả. Ảnh: Hoàng Vũ.

According to the comments of scientists in the agricultural field, there are the following subjective reasons why many farmers using fertilizers do not achieve the desired results. Firstly, do not carefully read the user manual as well as the advice and recommendations of the production company and agricultural technicians. Second, many farmers believe that using more fertilizer will be more effective for plants, so farmers often fertilize more than the plant needs.

Therefore, in order to be effective when using fertilizers or pesticides, farmers should follow the “4 right” principle, both saving costs and bringing high efficiency to plants. Fertilizing according to the “4 right” method is based on understanding what plants need, when? Soil is capable of providing plants with what and how much? How is it beneficial to provide fertilizer for plants…

The “4 correct” in fertilizer use include:

Right type: It is choosing to use the right type of fertilizer that plants require according to the nutritional needs of each period and suitable for each type of soil.

Để mang lại hiệu quả khi sử dụng phân bón hay các loại thuốc BVTV, bà con nhà nông nên tuân thủ theo nguyên tắc '4 đúng'. Ảnh: Hoàng Vũ.

Example: The first stage of most crops requires a fertilizer with a ratio of NPK – 2:1:1. As for crops that require a high amount of nutrients, farmers should choose and use complex NPK fertilizers to fertilize plants with a higher NPK  ratio such as products Entec 20-10-10-103S, Entec 24- 8-7+2S.

Correct dose: I.e. how much dose to use. Most packaging labels have instructions. In order to use the correct dose of fertilizer in order to save fertilizer, in accordance with the requirements of the crop, and to avoid wasting fertilizer, the user must carefully read the instructions for use, combined with observing the morphology and condition. of the tree, the soil where the tree is planted, the weather, and the season to decide on the appropriate amount of fertilizer.

People should also take soil samples for analysis at centers, institutes and schools to know the soil condition of their gardens, from which to choose a reasonable dose of fertilizer. For example: At the bud stage of dragon fruit, applying Entec 20-10-10+3S fertilizer about 200 – 250 grams/head is suitable for most land in Binh Thuan.

Timing: During its life, plants always need nutrients for growth and development, so fertilizing must provide timely nutrition for plants.

For example: On durian after fruiting, the tree needs a huge amount of nutrients to develop, so after 7 – 10 days after fruit set, farmers must apply fertilizer immediately, with Nitrophoska Green product to provide Timely nutrition for plants. From the time of fertilization until the plants can absorb and transform, it also takes 10-15 days, if applied late, there will not be enough nutrients for the tree to use to raise fruit.

Right way: Proper fertilization is fertilizing so that the plants can most effectively absorb the amount of fertilizer applied. When fertilizing, people fertilize according to the projection of the canopy, this area is where the young roots form the most, so it will help the plant “eat manure” and absorb nutrients most effectively.